How Our Story has Changed the Way Your Avocados Taste

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The Taylor family moved to Gisborne in 2015 to a 8 hectare block of land planted with orange and avocado trees.

With a wealth of experience in the commercial world, they were ready to slow their pace of life and focus on what was important to them: family, producing their own great fruit and vegetables and a small dog called Millie.                                             

While the fruits of their labour were delicious avocados, market controls made it hard to stick to traditional orcharding and give customers access to the full flavour of tree-matured fruit. The industry didn’t support the focus on quality, flavour and traditional  practices that sat at the heart of Taylors Orchard.

Unwilling to sacrifice flavour for sales, the Taylors decided to create Avocado Movement: a business designed to connect customers directly with a higher quality of fruit. They would turn the focus back onto selling different varieties of the tastiest tree-matured avocados direct to their customers. Avocado Movement was launched in 2021. 

They are continuing their quest to provide choice and are developing plantings in the orchard with different varieties that will become available when in season.

It doesn’t cost more to enjoy the best avocados. You just need to subscribe to Avocado Movement and we’ll deliver them free to your door.

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