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We grow a range of avocado varieties and will reveal  our main ones as they become mature. We also have a few special avocado varieties that we are expanding our plantings of and will keep you up to date as to when they will be available.

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Avocados bought at a retail outlet are picked from the orchard and trucked to a pack house, then trucked from the packhouse to a wholesaler. From the wholesaler they are trucked to the retailers then from the retailers driven finally to your home. Avocado Movement avocados go from our orchard to your door, so not only do you get great tasting avocados, you also reduce your Carbon Footprint.

Avocado Movement Our Varieties Maluma

Maluma Avocados

The origins of Maluma

Maluma avocados originated in South Africa where they were discovered by Mr. Dries Joubert, on his farm (called Maluma) in Levubu. Maluma was discovered as a chance seedling so its parentage is unknown, but it is believed to be related to Mexican cultivars

The fruit of Maluma

Maluma avocados range in size from 150 to 400 grams , peaking around 250 to 300 gram.

The fruit are green when unripe and turn dark purple-black when ripe. The fruit skin is rough and pebbly. Maluma avocados are large, colourful and creamy with a wonderful nutty flavour.

When do we sell Maluma avocados online?

Maluma avocados are ripe from October to December.


Hass Avocados

The origins of Hass

Hass avocados originated in California where the original seed was bought by Rudolph Hass in 1926. The parentage of the Hass avocado is unknown. Hass avocados are the most widely grown variety in New Zealand.

The fruit of Hass

The fruit from the Avocado Movement’s Hass avocado trees is often slightly larger than other regions. Hass avocados have dark green–coloured, bumpy skin and offer creamy rich flesh and delicious flavour.

When do we sell Hass avocados online?

Hass avocados are mature from late October through to late February

Avocado Movement Our Varieties Early Carmen

Early Carmen Avocados

The origins of Early Carmen

Carmen-Hass was selected (and later patented) from a Mexican Hass orchard in Michoaca because of its consistent ‘off season’ cropping

The fruit of Early Carmen

It produces fruit twice in a year. The earlier fruit is round with smooth skin and the later fruit is almost identical to traditional Hass! The fruits have an excellent flavour, are round in appearance and are great eating.

When do we sell Carmen avocados online?

Early Carmen Hass are mature from September to December

Avocado Movement Our Varieties Sharwill


The origins of Sharwil

A chance seedling was discovered by Frank Sharpe on his property at Mt Tamborine south of Brisbane. It was developed and introduced as a variety in 1954 by the then owner of the orchard, James Wilson. The name was derived from the two surnames.

The fruit of Sharwil

This green skinned variety has a rich buttery flavour with a high fat content and easy to peel skin. It ripens from the beginning of summer but does not change colour. It has no bitterness or fibres and does not discolour after cutting.

It is often referred to as the best eating avocado in the world with its mild but rich fullness of flavour and great aftertaste.

When do we sell Sharwil avocados online?

Sharwil are mature from November and available November to January.

Avocado Movement Our Varieties Frank


The origins of Frank

A chance seed was planted by Frank Colebourne on his Gisborne property in the 1960’s and grew to produce this amazing tree bearing large creamy fleshed fruit in the autumn.

The property was sold several times and in the early 2000’s Frank’s son Greg learned that the tree was going to be chopped down. Along with an orchardist friend Malcolm Peach they took some budwood cuttings and grafted onto rootstock then planted on Malcom’s orchard. It is registered as a variety with MAF and named after Greg’s father Frank. The variety is currently only grown on what is now Taylors Orchard.

The fruit of Frank

This is a green skinned avocado so does not change to dark black when ripe.  It has a rich buttery flavour and high fat content and is at its best from mid April.

When do we sell Frank avocados online?

Frank are mature from Mid-April.

Avocado Movement Our Varieties Reed


The origins of Reed

Reed avocados are named after James S. Reed, a farmer who found the chance seedling on his ranch in Carlsbad, California in 1948. He patented the variety in 1960, and by the early 2000’s, Reed avocados were being cultivated on over 400 acres in California.

The fruit of Reed

They are very creamy to eat and are at their best from mid April onwards. Larger than a hass with a bigger pit it produces rich creamy flesh with a wonderful flavour.

When do we sell Reed avocados online?

Reed are mature from Mid-April.

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