Why Tree Matured and Other Important Information

Why Tree Matured?

We believe the changes in commercial avocado production have sacrificed flavour and quality in favour of volume so the Avocado Movement was founded in 2021 to make sure that you never have to compromise again.

Tree-Matured is defined as: fullness of development which can only occur while the fruit is attached to the tree.

Like great wine and cheese, avocados taste better when mature. Our avocados are left on the trees for a minimum of 12 and sometimes up to 18 months, until they are in peak condition and then picked to your order. They will only start to soften after picking so you will need to finish this process when you receive them. Check out how in our FAQ’s.

Other changes we have made to improve your experience and environment:     

  • We do not cool store our avocados. They arrive at your door straight from the orchard.
  • We grow a number of different varieties that are available at different times of the year meaning we always have premium fruit to send.
  • We ship for free direct from our orchard to your home, cutting out unnecessary kms which reduces the carbon footprint of our fruit.

It doesn’t cost more to enjoy the best avocados. You just need to subscribe to Avocado Movement and we’ll deliver them free to your door.

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